2017 Hervey Bay Masters Swim meet

2017 Hervey Bay Masters Swim meet

The weather was perfect for the 2017 Hervey Bay Masters Swim Meet. Not a cloud was in sight as swimmers from all over Queensland came to compete at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. As hosts the Hervey Bay Humpbacks put on a great event, especially meet Director Samantha Miller along with the volunteers and to  sponsors that make these events happen.

Approximately 130 swimmers took part in the long course competition, with some braving an open water swim before the pool events began.

Competitor Brian Davies from the Gold Coast is the current state national and Pan Pacific 200m Fly Champion.  Currently Brian is training for the World Masters and in the future hopes to break a five minutes fly.  He  likes  to do a 50m fly before the 200m to get his body moving and says that it makes a big difference.

By the time this magazine comes out Brian would have swam in the Masters Swimming Victoria Long Course Championships to try to better his time. He hopes to improve in each competition to work towards the 17th FINA World Masters Championships being held in Hungary, Budapest in August.

Later on in the day I spoke to Jason a fairly new swimmer who gave me this insight into what it feels like to swim in the masters,  “As a new swimmer it is a great feeling leading up to an event. You practise on Sunday’s with all of the other swimmers getting helpful advice on how to improve your swim each time. The day comes and the meet is on, there are a few nerves as you read the program and take note of the events that you are in. Then finally it comes, your first race of the meet”.

“You are up on the blocks, your heart is pounding as the starter gun goes off. You dive into the water with up to seven other people of all ages, male and female combined. In each race you are racing against the clock and yourself. You make the other side and are out of breath, but you feel such a sense of achievement. You smile and think, I love Masters Swimming”.  Jason said.

Swimmer Karen Kruger has been swimming with the Hervey Bay Masters for about 20 years  and loves the camaraderie with each other and between the various clubs. Karen says, “Once you start with the club you can’t get enough and are hooked”.

According to the Hervey Bay Humpback’s web page, to be a master you must be ‘aged between 18 and preferably still breathing’.

For further enquiries call:
The Hervey Bay Humpbacks – Terry on: 4125  1646.
The Maryborough Masters – Patricia on: 0408 033 740.

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