11 years ago I had a dream to turn this property into an Australian themed destination where kangaroos abound, Suzanne Denton said.  After a long and turbulent decade, the dream is slowly turning into a reality with 90% of visitors attracted to the RV Park coming from overseas.

The main focus and distinction from other destinations is the size of the property and the amount of land that has been preserved for nature based tourism.  I am very proud to say that not one tree was damaged during the entire construction process.

The nature reserve is 40 acres of natural beauty, with many species of plants and 41 species of birds have been identified so far, including the Sacred Kingfisher.

The land area has various water courses running throughout the reserve and a couple of billabongs, one is spring fed, so an ultimate source of attraction for the local wildlife.

Mango Lodge Billabong at Fraser Coast RV Park

The property has a wide diversity of flora and fauna and many species of plants, mushrooms, fungi, can be seen.  Recently a student from the University of Vermont in the USA stayed with us as she was studying spiders in their natural habitat.  We have the most amazing trapdoor spiders who build their nest like a tunnel.  They are fascinating to observe, Suzanne said.

Billabong trap door spiders nest

There are a mob of about 30 kangaroos on the property and the overseas guests have often travelled for miles in Australia and this is the first place they have seen them in the wild.  We recently had a truck driver staying who has travelled miles all over Australia and he couldn’t believe the size of “Chopper” our big roo who stands over 6’ tall.

Billabong which is spring fed. A fungi plant which looks like a creme brulee
Bottom right is a freshwater yabby hole that are abundant throughout the property

Skott Statt the Land for Wildlife Officer from the Fraser Coast Regional Council said “The history of LfW within the Fraser Coast area is interesting. It’s Queensland origins started out as a state government coordinated program (hence the ‘bushcare’ logo on the signs) which was then handed over to Greening Australia to run. The Hervey Bay council and the Maryborough council both participated and provided admin support to the local LfW membership. At amalgamation it dropped off the radar and so 11 years later, the council has reinstated the Extension officer position (my role, as Land for Wildlife Officer). The council is showing strong support for investing in the Land for Wildlife program and I am happy to say that this stunning property in River Heads is the first new member for the Fraser Coast Regional Council J.  The Park is joining the members that have stayed with the program from the time they signed up with either Hervey Bay or Maryborough Councils.

Suzanne is thrilled at the “nature based tourism” potential.  This is a whole new market to tap into, she said.  The Hervey Bay Bird Watchers are set to come out and enjoy morning tea outside Mango Lodge soon, and it is a pleasure to host the bird watching visitors.  We also find that the bird watching customers like to extend their stay as they explore the property and get excited about identifying so many species in the one place.

Because there are so many different species of plants and various water courses the birds are naturally in abundance, particularly now with the eucalyptus blossoms appearing.  The fragrance from these in the Tea Tree Swamp area is very powerful when they are all blooming.

Giant Mushroom holding water at the Fraser Coast RV Park

Another exciting aspect of becoming a “Land for Wildlife” property and also running a nature-based tourism business is the ability to attract customers who want to enjoy the peaceful and tranquil surroundings of the property.  This is the ideal vehicle for those wanting to “Escape, Relax and Unwind” while reconnecting with nature.

There are several accommodation options available, from camping sites, limited powered sites and a 4 star solid timber slab cabin with an open-air deep claw foot bath to sooth away the technology downloads and re-connect with nature.

Further information is available at www.frasercoastrvpark.com.au and www.mangolodge.com.au


Fraser Coast RV Park – 55 Bengtson Rd, River Heads, 4655 – QLD

Article and photos supplied by Fraser Coast RV Park

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