The new kid on the block

The new kid on the block

By Kim Parnell

Earlier this week, on my way home from Maryborough, I  called into Susan River Homestead to catch up with Owner, Norman McLean. It had been well over five months since I had visited last – far too long. Norm and I enjoyed a coffee and a yarn, while the resident dogs, tails wagging furiously waited patiently for a pat or a cuddle.

I must admit, I love this place full of friendly faces, furry friends, wide-open spaces and horses, lots of horses. There is something so calming about being surrounded by animals and nature, I always find it hard to leave this peaceful place.

The definite highlight of the afternoon was meeting beautiful 2-week old Belle, a filly orphaned at birth, now handraised by Abbie McLean and bottle-fed about every two hours. Like any new kid on the block, Belle can’t stay still for long and is extremely curious. It was definitely love at first sight for me, and a totally new experience that I felt privileged to share.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye, get back in the car and drive away to immerse myself into work once again!

But I look forward to visiting over the coming months and maybe going on a horseriding adventure next time.

Thanks for the coffee Norm!

To find out more about Susan River Homestead go to

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