The host with creative flair

The host with creative flair

Karen Sullivan welcomes you to follow along on her journey of running a bed and breakfast nestled in Glastonbury, a scenic area of the Gympie Region. Her story is a delightful tapestry woven with rural roots, treasure hunting and culinary flair.

Jasper Ridge Cottage co-owner – Karen Sullivan

Raised on a farm in the Adelaide Hills, with Grandparents as neighbours Karen would often be found in her grandma’s kitchen where she was taught everything she knew about baking, so there is no surprise that her strength to this day lies in this skill. Karen loves nothing more than making her famous Brownies, Lemon Meringue Pie and Cookie Dough Cheesecake for guests, family, and friends. 

Karen has always had a passion for Vintage & Antiques which stems from searching for treasures in an old, abandoned house on the farm where she grew up. She would often bring home her treasures ranging from anything to an old coin to a stained-glass window to display.

Scenes from Jasper Ridge Cottage

Fast forward to today and not only does Karen run Jasper Ridge Cottage but she also has an online Vintage & Antique Store called Good Gracious Me Finds.

Karen also has a natural flair for colour and design as she was a Colour Consultant for a Tiling Company for over ten years, so she always knew she wanted to feature tiles as the main substrate in the Cottage for their longevity, striking appearance, and uniqueness. The highlights of the Cottage bathroom is the feature wall of hand-painted tiles which had to be laid individually and the rare Moroccan glass tiles found in the shower niche.

When it comes to Karen’s ultimate holiday, she reminisces of the time she travelled to England and stayed in a chocolate box cottage while visiting quaint country villages to browse through antique stores.

Scenes from Jasper Ridge Cottage

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