Honouring Michael Jackson’s legacy

Honouring Michael Jackson’s legacy

-Kim Parnell has a chat with Michael Jackson tribute artist Garth Field – 

Garth Field, a Michael Jackson tribute artist hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, embodies the essence of the King of Pop with remarkable precision. Born and raised in Cape Town alongside his family, consisting of his parents, grandparents, and two siblings, Garth, now thirty years old, found himself deeply influenced by Michael Jackson from an early age.

The omnipresence of Michael Jackson in various media forms during his upbringing left an indelible mark on Garth. He vividly recalls stories from his father and other relatives about the iconic pop star, whose influence permeated every aspect of popular culture. Inspired by Jackson’s mesmerizing performances, Garth nurtured a desire to pursue a career in entertainment from a tender age.

Emulating Michael Jackson’s distinctive appearance and electrifying stage presence requires meticulous attention to detail. Garth dedicates extensive time to perfecting his makeup and hairstyle, a process that initially took hours of practice but now can be completed in under forty minutes. His commitment to accuracy extends to mastering Jackson’s signature dance moves, necessitating a rigorous fitness regimen comprising mobility exercises, cardio, and core strengthening routines.

Immersing himself in Michael Jackson’s vast musical repertoire and studying his life and career have been integral parts of Garth’s preparation for his role. As he steps into his dressing room before each performance, he delves into the psyche of the pop icon, channelling Jackson’s essence to deliver an authentic portrayal on stage.

Collaborating with a dedicated team, Garth ensures that every aspect of the tribute show, from costumes to visual effects, captures the essence of Michael Jackson’s legendary performances. While each song and dance routine holds a special place in his heart, Garth acknowledges the energy elicited by iconic tracks like “Billie Jean” and “Thriller.”

Despite occasional challenges, Garth remains steadfast in his mission to honour Michael Jackson’s legacy through his performances. Interacting with audiences night after night, he witnesses firsthand the enduring impact of Jackson’s music, fostering a profound connection with fans across generations.

With upcoming tours planned across Europe and North America, Garth eagerly anticipates sharing his tribute show with audiences around the globe. He may even get back to Cape Town at the end of the year on tour. Garth’s message to fans is simple.

“Experience the full Michael Jackson tribute show firsthand and embark on an amazing night of entertainment.  The show features dancers from South Africa and all the iconic costumes that we know and love.

“I don’t want to say too much, but the King of Pop might even make an appearance himself, so you won’t want to miss the show. Get your tickets now!

Michael Jackson HIStory Show

Saturday, March 30

Brolga Theatre & Convention Centre

Tickets – www.brolga.ourfrasercoast.com.au.



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