The Suspended Coffee Movement

The Suspended Coffee Movement

We have all heard of the fantastic movement called Pay It Forward, but who has heard of the Suspended Coffee Movement?. Helping other people by putting a smile on their faces while making their day just a little bit easier is what the movement is all about. Meet the newest cafe to offer this service.

Cafe ‘Mind Body and Soul’ now offer suspended coffee in their Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe based in Torquay. Chef Yvonne Miles said, “ We have been looking at doing this for awhile, the idea was originally suggested by Pay It Forward Hervey Bay. “ Please Help us help others and pay it forward when you are having a good day, week or month. Our Cafe is all about bringing balance to your life”.

The Suspended Coffee Movement originated in Naples, and is now a world wide movement. Customers come in buy a coffee or some food for themselves and buy an extra one. The cafe then suspends the purchase until someone that is in need walks through the door. It is these random acts of kindness that make a huge difference in peoples lives.

“ It doesn’t matter whether you are a mother that just needs time out, a doctor, someone who is down on their luck. We never Judge or ask questions. We give the coffee in a cup with a red heart on it as it is given with love, or alternately the customer can pick up a cup with a red heart to let us know they would like one,” Yvonne said.

So next time you go out for coffee or a meal consider paying it forward and buying two to help those that are a little less fortunate than ourselves.

Cafes offering Suspended Coffee on the Fraser Coast are:

Allikats on Kent – 374 Kent St, Maryborough
Cafe’ Mind Body and Soul – 415 Charlton Esplanade, Torquay

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