In the Kitchen with Adrian Hauritz, Head Chef at Hoolihans Irish Restaurant and Bar

In the Kitchen with Adrian Hauritz, Head Chef at Hoolihans Irish Restaurant and Bar

How long have have you been a Chef at Hoolihans?

I have been at Hoolihans for about 13 years. I was nearing the end of my apprenticeship when I started, since then I have worked my way up through the roles. So from Apprentice, Chef, Sous Chef, Head Chef.

Who was your biggest inspiration when you were training to be a Chef and why?

I always liked cooking and cooked a lot with mum while growing up. We used to make a lot of desserts, and slices. I also used to enjoy watching mum cook dinner.

How would you sum up the menu at Hoolihans?

Part Irish part Australian. I would sum it up as saying that it is a mixture of pub food done at its best. It is good hearty fare.

What is the most popular dish on the Hoolihans menu?

Our most popular dish is definitely the Beef and Guinness Pie followed closely by our fresh local seafood dishes.

Which talent would you most like to have that you don’t possess?

More knowledge about the different cultures and the diversity that is out there. I am interested in this in both a food and a life perspective. You never stop learning. I also always wanted to learn the art of photography.

What do you love most about the Fraser Coast?

I have been in the Bay for about 14 years, I originally came from Kingaroy. I always used to holiday here with my family, I am married and have two children so we enjoy the beach, fishing, swimming and I the scenery. The Fraser Coast definitely has a family feel.

Tell us one of your more memorable moments in your career?

Definitely it would be finishing my Apprenticeship and becoming a qualified Chef. Just having a trade is great to hopefully further my career.

Do you use many local suppliers?

Yes we use Fraser Coast Fresh Produce for our fruit and veggies, Hervey Bay Wholesalers for all of our dry store goods, and Australian Ocean King Prawn Company for all of our seafood.

What advice would you give a novice just getting into the Business?

Always listen, you will never ever stop learning. Keep tidy and work hard.

What are your favourite foods to cook with?

I like seafood. Prawns, fish, whiting, barramundi and local cuttlefish. I enjoy cooking with anything local and fresh.

What do you love most about your Job?

The people I work with, if you don’t have a good team you don’t enjoy your work.

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