Youth Column – Celebrating Fathers Day on September 3 – With Jacob Kitson – Holebrook

Youth Column – Celebrating Fathers Day on September 3 – With Jacob Kitson – Holebrook

Father’s Day is a day about appreciating Dad, that ONE day that Dad is able to put his feet up and just relax. If this is your child’s first Father’s Day you might go all out with presents to celebrate the day where as for some families with slightly older children, it might just be a day where there is a complete shut-down of everything electronic, no social media, no television – just a focus on being together as a family.

Father’s Day is one of those days in the year where time should be taken to really appreciate everything that Dad has done for you. There are many things that can make Father’s Day great for the entire family even if somewhat unpleasant teenagers are in tow. There is no rule book on the way Father’s Day should be spent and there are definitely no limits. Some family’s might choose to have a day at home where no one cooks, no one cleans and there is just a focus on spending time together, or there is the complete opposite where you have an entire itinerary of fun filled events for the day. The Fraser Coast is packed with options for all families and you can mix and match a dining experience with a stroll or games on the beach, a historical jaunt through Maryborough, a family trip to the movies or a barbecue in one of our regions fantastic parks, just to name a few options.

When it comes to buying Dad a present, well I guess that’s another can of worms. Yes every Dad is different but I guarantee most people have one year totally forgotten about Father’s Day and had to do the last minute jocks and socks run. Better to be prepared and find a gift that reflects your appreciation and is chosen with the heart. Remember it’s all about the thought, not necessarily about the price tag, so think creatively about what YOUR Dad is really into.

On a more serious note, do any of us really ever stop to think about who came up for a day entirely focused on the importance of fatherhood. In 1966, US President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honouring fathers, designating a set day as Father’s Day. Six years later in 1972, Father’s Day was brought into US law by President Richard Nixon and is now celebrated in over 40 plus countries. All of these countries follow the same principle of just being there and showing Dad how much he means to them – so to all our great Dad’s on the Fraser Coast – Happy Father’s Day on Sunday 3 September.

Written by Jacob Kitson – Holebrook

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