Christmas is my favourite time of year.

Christmas is my favourite time of year.

Youth Column

With Youth Columnist, Jacob Kitson-Holebrook

What can I say, it is getting very close to my favourite time of the year, CHRISTMAS. Every year I feel like I personally take it that step further than the year before and add more decorations to the house or add extra ribbon to every one of my presents, but there is one thing that never changes and that is the people around you they are the ones that make the day special.

In my family it has always been about surrounding yourself with friends and family on Christmas to make sure that it is the very best day of the year and I must say that I have had some pretty good 25ths of December. From those Christmas’s that I first remember when I just loved the excitement the night before about what the next day would bring, to the year that the 40 degree heat wave made eating a hot Christmas dinner excruciating, to the times we travelled to share our day with friends and experienced Christmas through their eyes, every one of them has given me a day that I’ll never forget and that’s what is so important to me.

Although in many cultures events at this time of the year happen in different ways, the essence is still the same, and that is making sure that family and friends are close and everyone has a good time So, my message to the citizens of the Fraser Coast for this holiday season is spend as much time with family as possible. Make every moment count and make sure that this year is a year that you are going to remember for the rest of your life. If that’s having dinner at a restaurant, a beautiful meal in your home, going for fish and chips on the beach or putting that proverbial prawn on the barbie in the backyard, make sure that it is something that makes you happy and you are with people who make your day just that little bit more special. Happy Holiday Season Everyone!!

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