Jimeoin – Gets Ridiculous!.

Jimeoin – Gets Ridiculous!.

Jimeoin is one funny guy, and he has been making us laugh for decades. Born in Britain this Irish stand up comedian really knows how to deliver time and time again. He has called Australia home for many years now, and we here at What’s On Fraser Coast are very happy to hear that he will be bringing his latest show to the Hervey Bay RSL in January. I was lucky enough to have a chat with him, and even attempted to crack a joke myself….But I think that I had better stick to my day Job!. – Kim, Editor – What’s On Fraser Coast.

How would you describe your show, Jimeoin: The Ridiculous?.

You would have to see it. There is no message, it is very much nonsense and you will be non the wiser at the end of it. We talk about common themes that we can all relate to, but as Jesus says in the bible, ‘Don’t quote me on any of this’.

How do you maintain your funniness, and prepare for a show?.

I can be funny during the day, and in my day to day life when called on, but I thoroughly enjoy my gig’s, I get a lot of enjoyment from them. Just before I am about to perform I focus, empty my head, listen to music and write notes, this helps me to get structure in my head. I often try new Jokes as I like to keep myself entertained as well.

Why should people come to your show?.

Because it will be a great night out and people will enjoy it, its something to do. I find that people want a show and a few laughs and if I can help them with that it is all for the better.

Have you performed on the Fraser Coast before?

Yes I have, don’t ask me when cause I can’t remember. I had a gig there with other comics, it was great. I grew up in a little fishing village so love the sea in Hervey Bay. Last time I was there I bought a fibreglass lure off a guy, it was a Barramundi fish I think. I like fishing, but my problem is that I don’t like killing them, I don’t like blood on my hands. I have also performed at the Brolga Theatre in Maryborough, the Brolga is a beautiful theatre.

Who were your Idols growing up?

I always enjoyed Billy Connolly. The thing I liked about him was that he never tried to be anybody else. I also had the greatest respect for David Attenborough, he had a massive influence in my life. He came out with some of the best documentaries, with that sweeping classical music, and poetic dialogue, I loved it. The BBC do wildlife shows well.

What is on your bedside table at the moment?

I have a reading light, In the past I would also have had a notepad for all of my great ideas that usually come at night. But now the notepad has been replaced by a telephone that I can record my ideas as they happen. I also have a book that I am reading at the moment called, ‘ 1001 Days That Shaped Our World’. A very interesting and thought provoking read.

If you were stranded on a tropical island, name five things that you would want with you?

A hammock, radio, a teleporting device and a fishing rod.

As a stand-up Comedian do your legs ever get tired?

(Laughs), I have never been asked that question before, its an obvious one, but very good. The answer to the question is no, my legs are very strong. Being on stage is a workout on its own. I suck in my belly, and prance up and down the stage literally working out the whole time. Afterwards I may need to boot somebody of a seat if I feel the need though.

Jimeoin: The Ridiculous

Saturday, January 20

8.30pm – 9.30pm

Tickets: www.herveybayrsl.com.au

Hervey Bay RSL

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