The Naked Magicians are set to enthrall

The Naked Magicians are set to enthrall

What is the recipe for a magic show that is sure to excite, take you to new dizzying heights,

Conjure up lots of mischief and mayhem, and that is a little bit naughty…..Oh ok, a lot naughty. Well look no further than Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne, creators of the hit magic show called,

‘The Naked Magicians’, and yes we did just use the word naked.

I caught up with Mike Tyler a couple of weeks ago to find out what this show was all about.

We established that both Mike and Christopher are best friends which is just as well considering where they take the show, and how much they actually get to see of each other.

Mike says of Christopher, “ He is definitely more on the creative side, he is a very funny guy. Christopher’s brain works differently to other people’s though, he likes to start a conversation half way through so you have no idea what he is talking about, Over the years I have got used to it though, he is a good dude”.

Both magicians had fully clothed solo careers doing corporate gigs but wanted to find a new more engaging way to deliver a magic show, after watching the movie ‘Magic Mike’ inspiration came to the pair. Mike say’s, “ All the magicians to that point were cheesy stereotypes with a top hat and a wand. After seeing Magic Mike we came up with the idea of coming up with the worlds naughtiest magic show”.

After practising for about a year, two weeks before their sold out live show Chris and Mike booked out a hall in Brisbane that seated about one hundred people. All their friends, family and face-book friends were invited for free, at the end each audience member was asked to fill in a feedback form. Suffice to say that the show changed quite a bit after that.

Of their first ever live public show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival Mike say’s, “ My heart was beating out of my chest and I was so sweaty, I was hardly feeling attractive I can tell you”. But the boys received a very positive response and knew that they were onto something.

Proving that he is not all about good looks, magic and charm, Mike has completed a Bachelor of Business in Advertising and Marketing and certainly thinks that their promotional photos depict exactly what the show is all about without any mucking about.

During the course of my thorough research I also found out that Mike competed in the national Swimming Championships and the Pan Pacific Games as a youngster and thinks that being scantily clad in Speedos put him in good stead for undressing on stage.

Having travelled around Australia, America, Canada, Edinburgh, Scotland, New Zealand, the UK and Hong Kong, these guys are seasoned travellers. When asked about one of their stand out performance’s Mike says, “ Definitely 2016 at London’s West End Theatre. Our show was on with musicals such as ‘The Lion King’, ‘Harry Potter the Musical’ and…….. ‘The Naked Magicians, I am not sure how we got that gig”. He says before breaking into laughter.

So what can we, the public expect from the show, “We promise three things, You will see one of the most incredible magic show, you will laugh at some of the funniest comedy and we promise full frontal nudity”. Mike says.

He continues with, “ We know the Fraser Coast is known for its weather, well we will bring the heat to the coast. Don’t expect to come and just watch be prepared to be part of the show”.

Written by Kim Parnell

In a show that is perfect for girls and guys, this is one 18+ show that you won’t want to miss.

‘Good Magicians don’t need sleeves and great Magicians don’t need pants’. This show proves just that.

The Naked Magicians

May 25 – 8pm

The Brolga Theatre and Convention Centre

18+ Show

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