The 2 of Us – David Hobson and Marina Prior

The 2 of Us – David Hobson and Marina Prior

I don’t know about you, but I am one Gal that loves her musical theatre. Unfortunately I don’t get much to go to a live show but thoroughly enjoy the experience when I do. I for one am in awe to have the amazing and talented Marina Prior and one of Australia’s best-known Oprah Singers David Hobson visiting us in Maryborough at the Brolga Theatre in May. It will be David’s first time here and he is very excited. I had the chance to have a conversation with the man himself about the upcoming show.


So what is The 2 of Us all about?

The 2 of Us is a collection of songs from our careers. Marina is a very accomplished musical theatre performer and I myself sing Opera and musical theatre. Marina and I are old friends, we have had a long history of friendship and fun. I think we first performed together in the 80’s. Our show is all about stripping away all of the masks and costumes and getting, ‘Up close and personal’. We find that our audience engage with us, there is lots of humour, and vibrancy while the show is very upbeat.

Wow, 40 dates on this national tour of ‘the 2 of us’ in 2018, what is life like on the road. How much time off do you get to spend with your families?

I think that actually it will be closer to fifty dates from memory. We are very lucky as we will be touring and working for four to five days at a time, then we will have four to five days to spend with our families. Luckily Marina and I get along really well together otherwise it wouldn’t work. We have a tour manager and a producer that work out all of the finer details of our tour and tell us where we have to be, while making sure that we get there.

What is it like working with renowned pianist David Cameron?

David Cameron just so happens to be a very dear friend of ours as well. He is one of the best all round accompanist’s in Australia. He transitions from pop to opera effortlessly and he also sings too. David is incredibly gifted and extraordinary, he is also extremely caring, we have a simpatico relationship. We also both have eclectic tastes that cover a broad and diverse range of subjects.

Marina Prior is the ‘leading lady of musical theatre’. From Phantom of the Opera from 1990 to 1993 as Christine Daaė. Maria in Westside Story, and many of our old favourites in between. What is it like to work with such a legend of the stage?

Marina is so down to earth, and has absolutely no airs and graces, she is definitely one of the good ones. She is an extremely accomplished and talented performer to boot. I still get very nervous just before going on stage to perform, Marina doesn’t seem to get nervous at all.

You have composed some serious pieces from Macbeth in 1985 to the Orchestral Score for the 2004 Australian movie ‘One Perfect Day’. How do singing and composing come together?

If you are composing a classical score you use a different discipline than you would if you were writing for yourself. Composing is a craft and is all about telling a story and bringing the music alive. I have always liked composing.

Do you have a special message for the people of the Fraser Coast?

Please make our night, because we will make yours. Every night is a celebration of music, entertainment and fun. We are looking forward to coming to the Fraser Coast, I myself have never been there.

The 2 of Us – David Hobson and Marina Prior

Wednesday, May 2 – 7.30pm

The Brolga Theatre and Convention Centre

For ticket enquiries go to:

Written by Kim Parnell

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