Take a step back in time in Maryborough

Take a step back in time in Maryborough

Maryborough Open House and Gardens welcome you to discover the history of our heritage buildings on September 23 and gorgeous gardens on September 23.

Uncover living history in all shapes and forms as you drive down the streets of Maryborough. From museums and collections, capturing the spirit and memories of our pioneers, to striking public art that shares the stories from days gone by, you will be captivated by the unique characteristics of these gorgeous buildings.

Within its city centre, grand buildings of different architectural styles dating back to the 1860s and colonial-era hotels and stores have been lovingly restored and reinvented into galleries, museums, antique stores, boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants.

This is your chance to discover the history that can be found in each of these heritage buildings and to take a walk along the path of hard labour to see the beauty that lies in many of our local gardens.

For the full list of buildings and gardens participating go to: www.maryboroughopenhouse.com.au.

For an even greater day out why not pick one of the fantastic ‘Telling Stories’ experiences listed below and fit your Maryborough Open House and Gardens adventure around it. Whatever you choose to do it promises to be a day steeped in history and stories of a bygone era.

Take some time to take in a Telling Story:

Telling Stories is a historical storytelling series – It is not a tour of sorts. Patrons will hear a surprising, funny, or moving story about the very place they’re standing in, and it’s coming to life through a one-man performance. Ian Brown is our resident Story Bank Teller, an established writer and performer who grew up in Maryborough and has spent the better part of a decade researching these stories.

Telling Stories: If These Walls Could Talk

Sunday, September 22 

Time: 10.30am

Cost: Free

Story 1/4: PL Travers Story Bank, former Australian Joint Stock Bank

Explore the birthplace of PL Travers alongside our Story Bank Teller, a writer himself whose ancestry aligns ever so closely with the history of the town. Listen to his take on the true stories of this culturally significant building and the myths that are made of them. 

Meet the Story Bank Teller at the Cottage on the Richmond Street side of the building.

Telling Stories: For Whom These Bells Toll

Saturday, September 22 

Time: 2pm

Cost: Free

Story 2/4: St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Bell Tower

Explore the heritage-listed St. Paul’s Anglican Church alongside our Story Bank Teller.

Meet the Story Bank Teller at the entrance to the church on Lennox Street.

Telling Stories: Of What Is Town Hall Made?

Saturday, September 23 

Time: 6pm

Cost: Free

Story 3/4: Maryborough City Hall

Hear the tales of Maryborough City Hall in its 110th year alongside our Story Bank Teller.

This story will unfold during the official proceedings of Maryborough Open House Thank You Event, Main auditorium, 5pm – 7pm

Telling Stories: Sunday in the Park

Sunday, September 23 

Time: 9.30am

Cost: Free

Story 4/4: Queen’s Park

Explore Maryborough’s very own Queen’s Park alongside our Story Bank Teller.

Meet the Story Bank Teller at the Queen’s Park rotunda after a performance from Maryborough Excelsior City Band​.

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