A Spoonful of Sugar 15/24 hr Rogaine

A Spoonful of Sugar 15/24 hr Rogaine

I have to admit that before I wrote this article, I did not know what ‘rogaining’ was, the word had not even entered into my vocabulary. So, before we talk about the event lets strip everything back and take a look at the word. According to Wikipedia ‘Rogaining is an orienteering sport of long-distance cross-country navigation’.

But talking to local event organiser Michele Krome, all distances are catered for,

Michele said, “The classic rogaine is 24 hours long, however, there are also shorter events of 3,6,8 and 12 hours”.

The idea is that teams of two to five people follow a map and visit as many checkpoints as they wish in a set time period. Longer rogaines give you the opportunity for some night navigation too if you so choose.

The competitor/team or novice gets to choose how many hours are completed and selects the course accordingly.

Time management is important too as you lose points if you are out longer then the scheduled time, a basic understanding of map reading is important.

The start and finish area – or ‘Hash House’, provides the food and drink for the competitors during the event. This is where the meals are served for those wishing to eat, rest, sleep or socialise with each other. You are able to return to the Hash House as often as you like.

To make the most of your regaining experience you will need to be prepared, so don’t forget to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes/Joggers
  • Warm Clothing
  • A compass
  • A whistle
  • Pencil
  • Water bottle
  • Gaiters
  • Food for out on the course
  • A basic team first aid kit
  • Camping gear if planning to spend the night at Hash House
  • A torch for night navigation

About the event:

A Spoonful of Sugar 15/24hr Rogaine

August 24-25

Map handout will be at 9am on Saturday

Location: St Marys State Forest, west of Tiaro

For fees, times, and further information go to www.qldrogaine.asn.au/ 

According to the webpage, the event is – ‘Set to provide serious competitors with navigational challenges and tough route choices, while novices will have plenty of options close to home’.

If you would like to see what the event is all about without actually being part of the race, you can help by assisting in collecting checkpoints after the event. Volunteers are always welcome. Contact Michele on 0407 038 792 or email michelekrome@gmail.com

In the past competitors have had to drive five to six hours to participate in rogaines or adventure racing as Michele said that there isn’t much around locally. A similar 24 hr event was held on the Fraser Coast in 2007

Just in case you get the rogaining bug there are plenty of other events further afield, according to the webpage – Most rogaines are held on foot in picturesque bush and farmland locations. However, some events are held in metropolitan areas, (‘Metrogaines’) or on bikes, (‘Cyclegaines’). There are also regular multi-discipline events held in South East Queensland which use a rogaine format for each leg – these are known as ‘Raid’ events and are organised by Raid Adventures in partnership with QRA.

Michele said, “Rogaining challenges the brain as well as the brawn. It is not always the fastest people that win these races, it is people who are strategic and navigate well”.

By Kim Parnell

This article uses some excerpts from www.qldrogaine.asn.au/ with permission from the organisation.


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