Book Launch – The New Rules of Health

Book Launch – The New Rules of Health

Author – Christie Kearny

The New Rules of Health – 15 game-changing coaches reveal their secrets to help you achieve ultimate health and wellness.

“Comparisonitis, self-hate and negative talk about ourselves and others must stop; they serve no one. I want to change the culture that has us place ourselves last on the priority list. I want to change the way we view ourselves.”
The truth is most great professionals have had transformative life experiences to make them so great at what they do.
This book contains stories about how they beat: emotional eating, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, perfectionism, major depression, grief, self-loathing and more!!

These are things a lot of people find hard to overcome so this knowledge is priceless!!
This will be a great Christmas gift for every person in your life, including yourself.
Online copies are only 99c and all proceeds go to the charity – Beyond Blue, hard copies are also available.

Book launch 6 December – to learn more contact me on 0488 057 207,

About Christie Kearney the author

I am an empowerment coach that helps you fall in love with yourself, reducing your anxiety and increasing your self-worth. I am based on the Fraser Coast.


To change the way we see ourselves, for women to own who they are, to live a more confident and empowered life through coaching, talks and my empowerment community. My company helps women and teens to heal from emotional traumas and negative self-talk from our social surroundings. We create a space for women to connect with each other in a safe and supportive manner while educating women and teens on how to connect with their true selves so they can live a confident and empowered life.

I teach women and teens how to discover who they truly are, not what others want them to be. To transform YOUR habits and create a new mindset. To take your overall health and wellbeing to the next level. To learn to overcome your negative self-talk and fall in love with yourself. To learn how to love and respect yourself. To learn to live by example and set boundaries for others. To have a deeper connection and understanding with yourself and others.

Bring all of your “baggage” with you and be ready to be loved and supported on a journey filled with empowerment, fun, laughter, health and wellness. Experience emotional breakthroughs to take back control of your thoughts, your passion and your life. To overcome stress, guilt and fear and start living a more empowered life.

This is done through one on one sessions, in person, or online, Group calls and Online training programs.

I am available to speak at events, high schools, businesses, podcasts, television, radio, or to write articles, run workshops or conduct one on one sessions.


“If nothing changes, nothing changes!”

When I’m not working, I am hiking with my dogs, horse riding through Australian bushland and spending time with my family.

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