Back by Popular Demand!

Back by Popular Demand!

Marina Prior and David Hobson reunite once again for a limited time – by popular demand in their hit show ‘The 2 of Us’. This is your opportunity to get up close and personal with the stars themselves.

The duo will perform songs from Evita, The Phantom of the Opera, Cat’s and Les Miserables as well as many other classics that we all know and love.

 I was absolutely thrilled to have a chat with Marina and David a few weeks ago. Both were in Melbourne at the time but in different parts, which made the interview very interesting. To be honest I found it hard not to gush as I am a huge fan of the duo – Kim Parnell

 Here goes…

 David, I last spoke to you in April of 2018, how have you been, has anything exciting happened during this time?

David – Well I am in the middle of arranging music while we speak…life has been very busy with the children and Marina (laughs), and of course concerts and recordings.

Marina – We had a great time last time we were performing at the Brolga Theatre it was gorgeous. This time around we will be recreating what we did but also adding in some new material and songs.

Tell us a little about your relationship with each other?

Marina – We have now performed over 130 times together and absolutely love it; we find that we are uplifted together. There is true joy and emotion on the stage. We also take what we do very seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

How do you both look after your voices?

Marina – I sing carefully and have a strict technique. I also sing material that I know won’t damage my vocal cords, it also helps to do vocal exercises before each show. I love the discipline of doing eight shows a week when doing theatre – as Artistic Athletes, we know that you have to be quite fit and disciplined to do what we do.

David – Your body constantly adapts as you change and age, your voice is a muscle in that body, and you have to take care of it. We are carefree but mindful of technique. Hydration plays a big part as well.

What is it about Musical Theatre that draws you back each time?

Marina – I am passionate about acting and characterisation. It is completely different from concert performing as with musical theatre you work as a team with the other performers, whereas in concert it is about you…or in this instance the 2 of Us. I love the energy and the discipline that acting brings also there is a certain magic when stepping into a different character’s shoes.

Have you had any backstage moments that you can share?

Marina – Well, we are certainly not immune to mishaps. We have had many backstage and onstage moments consisting of everything – from costume malfunctions, to set mishaps, to yelling backstage – that is usually from David when he is watching the footy and a team scores… if it is not in his favour you may hear lots of expletives that are picked up by my mic (laughs).

What would I find in your dressing room?

Marina – All you would find is me, my makeup and my costumes. Although I may enjoy a nice glass of Rosé after the performance.

David – We are down to earth kind of people, not a huge band like the Rolling Stones (laughs).

What would you like to tell the people of the Fraser Coast?

Marina – Those that came to our show in 2018 will be back to see us again. Those that have never seen us but make it this time will be annoyed that they didn’t come the first time.

David – There will be a few laughs along the way and a lot of improvisation – make sure you get a ticket and come to see us.


Up Close & Personal – The 2 of Us

Friday 28 February

From 8pm

Brolga Theatre, Maryborough, Qld | 07 4122 6060

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