What’s On Facebook and the Web?

What’s On Facebook and the Web?

By Kim Parnell –

An imagined event –

I hereby declare Friday, July 10th as Piña Colada Day…Ok, it may not be an Australian thing, more American I think – but it should be! For those who have always been curious, the word Piña means ‘Pineapple’ and Colada means ‘strained’, the drink usually consists of pineapple juice, coconut cream, and white rum.

While sipping, think of the Caribbean, with its stretches of white sandy beaches and wide expanses of water…actually that sounds a lot like our beaches here on the Fraser Coast!

So, sometime in July pop along to your favourite pub, hotel, or licensed restaurant that makes cocktails and order a Piña Colada with your mates. What a great way to support your local venue.


A gift to buy – Dare I say it…Christmas is only 6 months away; there I have said it!

For those super organised people, of which I am not, the Tiaro Christmas Cottage is open once again.

This is one store that you will want to explore as you will find the most amazing decorations, guaranteed to become the talking point at gatherings. Most, you would not find anywhere else as the decorations are sourced from around the world – they make great gifts! One thing is for sure, you will not be able to walk away empty-handed.

Tiaro Christmas Cottage

Open 7 days a week

9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday) and 10am – 4pm (Sat & Sunday)

24 Mayne St, Tiaro

4193 9834

An Event to look forward to –

The FraserPop Festival will be on a smaller scale this year due to COVID-19; it will be held on one day rather than the ‘full’ FraserPop program that would typically cover the entire weekend.  The event is run by Year 12 students at Maryborough State High School and is always a great day out, this year it will be a market day like no other. Save the date:

FraserPop Presents – A Pinch of PopCulture

Saturday, September 12

More details to come


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