Thanks for the Memories 2020, Even Though They Weren’t So Great

Thanks for the Memories 2020, Even Though They Weren’t So Great

Underrated but Educated

 Underrated but Educated: The musings of Emily Jackson and Phoebe Tweddle and their experiences through the perilous journey of growing up.

Don’t be too spooked by the mention of 2020 in today’s title, ladies, and gentlemen; we promise to not use the ‘corona’ word. So, by all means, unclench and read on.

While our memories of 2020 will forever be tainted by the aforementioned C-word, worldwide lockdown, and, perhaps worst of all, Tiger King; we can appreciate (or rather, tolerate) the lessons that 2020 has taught us. So, as we get ready to say see ya never to the year that brought us the futile third attempt at Big Brother AU (shudder), let us reflect on the lessons we’ll take with us.

 We literally have no idea what the hell is going to happen ever, so do what you want.

This lesson has the potential to be freeing, and also the potential to sever that tiny little thread you’re hanging by and plunge you into some pretty visceral existential dread. Luckily for you, dear reader, we’re choosing to see it as the former. To put this more constructively: tomorrow is not promised and ‘normal’ doesn’t exist, so appreciate today and do whatever makes you happy, while you can.

Do not ever, and I cannot stress this enough, move (back) to America.

While I (Phoebe) have a special place reserved in my heart for the US, 2020 has (in true 2020 fashion) changed everything. There’s no one event that pushed us to feel that the US is borderline uninhabitable, but rather, a plethora of them. Protesting masks with rifles in hand, suggesting beams of light to solve pandemics, and let’s not forget the absolute farce that is the presidential election. We love you, Captain Crunch, but you can’t save this one.

Self-discipline is a huge flex.

The ability to structure your day and shower has never been so impressive. Motivation is fleeting, so holding yourself accountable in its absence is essential. So is showering.

Along with these lessons, we leave you today, dear reader, with a timely quote from Dr. Suess, “Don’t smile because it’s over, cry because it happened.”

* We may have 2020’ed the quote. You’re welcome.

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