Jacob is up for any challenge

Jacob is up for any challenge

By Kim Parnell

Jacob Brown is a born entertainer. Whether it be in front of a camera on a movie set or on a stage with just a mic. While just the thought of either of these things would produce a clammy sweat and a feeling of nausea to many, Jacob takes it all in his stride and is ready for the next challenge, which is just as well as Jacob is the newest presenter on HIT 101.9 Fraser Coast.

Never having been to Queensland before and leaving family and friends behind in Perth, Jacob was ready for adventure and arrived in Hervey Bay several months ago to take up his new position. For the past twelve months, he has been part of the street crew for Southern Cross Austereo’s Mix Network in his hometown.

“I have always wanted to be a radio presenter, so was hoping that working as part of the street crew was a step in the right direction. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that only one year later, my dream would come true.

“My first day on the job was very nerve-wracking as it was also my very first day on air too. But thankfully, all went well.

Jacob continued.

“I am looking forward to engaging with the community and getting out and about so that people can see that I am more than just a voice on the radio”, said Jacob.

Since the age of ten, Jacob has been an actor. With roles in Paper Planes (2014) and The Pineville Heist (2016). He has also been in a documentary for the ABC called Yagan (2013) as well as commercials and student films in Perth.

Not surprisingly, Jacob also is a stand-up comic. With a unique sense of humour and quick delivery, he will have you in stitches. His jokes relate to the embarrassing stories of his life. Like the time he was thirteen years old and got dumped by his girlfriend on a water slide…

“At the bottom, I was sitting in a mixture of water and my own tears. We then had to spend the rest of the day together because our parents had dropped us off, and I didn’t have a phone yet. It was very awkward. So that was the end of my first relationship, which traumatised me for life”, Jacob said with a laugh.

Ok, the story loses a lot as just words on a page, but when told by Jacob, live, I had a face ache from laughing so much. His comedic stories are about events that he has experienced, and he isn’t afraid to laugh at himself.

Back in Perth, Jacob used to run trivia nights, so that was one of the first things he did when he got the chance; check out our trivia scene. Jacob and his friends can be seen regularly at trivia nights on Wednesday nights.

When it comes to music and his own personal taste, Jacob can’t go past Taylor Swift, who has just come out with her new studio album called ‘Midnights’. “A lot of my friends back in Perth like her too. So, together we get excited about her new albums.

“I also love a bit of rock and pop and have quite a broad taste in music”.

As far as new year’s resolutions go, Jacob would like to learn to cook…something.

“Apparently, I have the culinary skills of a Llama, so it’s usually Uber Eats for me. If anyone is offering cooking lessons, I’m in”.

So, is there a serious side to Jacob?

“Barely! The serious Jacob avoids coming out as much as he can. I am very surface-level and make jokes at awkward moments; that’s my jam. I am the worst person to ever go to for advice or relationship tips, as I will always joke about things at inappropriate moments. However, if you want a fun story about a breakup, then I’m your guy”.

Tune into HIT 101.9 – Weekdays with Jacob – Monday to Friday – 9 am – 12 pm.

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