Please Support our Chappies

Please Support our Chappies

-By Simon Boss-Walker                                                                                                  ChairHervey Bay Chaplaincy Committee-

School Chaplains are a vital part of our community’s health and wellbeing, and right now, they need your help and support.  Would you join us for breakfast on Wednesday June 6 and help keep our Chappies doing what they do best.

School Chaplains work in our local schools, helping their community deal with issues ranging from family breakdown and loneliness, to depression and anxiety. They provide a listening ear, help those in crisis, run programs and events to foster inclusivity and a positive culture in school communities.

Some schools across Australia, including in the Hervey Bay region, receive a government subsidy of up to $20,000 annually to fund a school Chaplain. This funding covers a little over one day per week. To effectively meet the needs of our community more days are necessary.

To ensure local Chaplaincy services remain sustainable, local community support is vital.

You are invited to the BOQ Mayoral Breakfast for Chaplaincy on Tuesday the 6th of June at 6:30am at the Hervey Bay RSL, 11 Torquay Rd, Hervey Bay. We hope you can join us.

We have an exciting guest speaker, Phil Smith: Pastor, former ABC Television Journalist, National Radio Host, RAAF Squadron Leader, decorated Military Serviceman and Novelist.  We know you’ll enjoy hearing from Phil.

The breakfast is free, however, we kindly ask for a minimum tax deductible donation of $100. All money raised will go directly to SU school Chaplaincy in Hervey Bay. 

Our target is to raise over $80,000. This will cover our deficit and provide much needed extra hours for Chaplains in Hervey Bay to maximise their influence and impact.

Please register in the link below,

I hope you can join us on Tuesday the 6th June at 6:30am for a complimentary delicious breakfast and great morning of inspiring stories from Phil Smith and local Chaplains. 

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