On the local music scene – The Bus Stop Boys

On the local music scene – The Bus Stop Boys

A month or two ago, I was at the Hervey Bay Surf Life Saving Club enjoying a cold beverage with my husband on the back deck. Sometimes the surf club has live music, and on this day, I was introduced to The Bus Stop Boys, and they were good, really good!

I knew then that I wanted to feature them in the magazine. The band of two, sometimes three, is available for charity events and paid gigs and would love to hear from you. Let’s get to know them a little better. Kim Parnell-Editor.

Who’s in the band?

Ken Sutton – vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, banjo

Rolf Schlomm – vocals, banjo

Shane Cornish – (part-time drummer supporting us at gigs)

Tell us a little bit about each band member.

Ken Sutton (retired) is now a singer, songwriter, and musician. He has been playing for about fifteen years and has written and released songs on CD. Ken regularly played on local radio station FM 107.5 and occasionally on the rural ABC channel.

In the past, he has played some rhythm guitar in music club bands and performed at various charity events around the bay with bands, solos, and a couple of duos. Ken is currently active in two country music clubs on the Fraser Coast and previously managed ZPac Country, Rock and Blues Club, which is no longer operating. He has performed in both charity and paying gigs but does not actively chase them. Ken is regularly busking near RETRO Coffee Shop in Torquay and the Hervey Bay Hat Co at Urangan, along with the occasional paying gigs as a member of The Bus Stop Boys.

Rolf Schlomm has been playing on and off for thirty years, supporting community groups and events, disabled musicians, markets and festivals.

He has handmade his own banjos and is currently part of two music clubs, Cool Country in Hervey Bay and the Australian Institute of Country Music in Gympie. Rolf also does some busking and paid gigs at various locations around the Fraser Coast.

Being an incomplete tetraplegic (semi-wheelchair bound), Rolf is an advocate and supporter of disabled musicians and those willing to have a go and have some fun.

Why did you start this band, and what do you hope to get out of it?

We were just a few mates that jammed together and decided to go busking for fun. We are now in our second year together and enjoying ourselves, we are not really worried about the money earned, but we appreciate that people donate to cover our costs and show support for live music. We just hope to have fun and bring enjoyment to people.

What do music and performing mean to you both?

We perform together for our own fun and enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. We sing and play a wide range of music from country, rock, country rock, hillbilly, and pop.

How do people contact you if they would like to book you?

We have a Facebook page and can be contacted through FB Messenger, so look us up!

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the people who have supported us and the local businesses who are happy to let us play outside their doors.   

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