Country star Jayne Denham heads to the Bay

Country star Jayne Denham heads to the Bay

-By Kim Parnell-

Jayne Denham is one of Australia’s leading country artists and is a five-time Golden Guitar nominee.

Jayne’s musical journey was influenced by her family’s deep-rooted passion for music. Her dad, a devoted country music fan, raised her in a household where music was a constant presence. Her mother was a talented gospel singer, and her grandfather immersed himself in the world of musical theatre. As a result, Jayne was exposed to various musical genres from a young age. However, as any teenager might attest, kids never want to do what parents tell them to do, Instead, she ventured into the world of rock music.

Jayne joined a rock band, firmly asserting her preference for rock over country. Yet, as she transitioned into her twenties, she made a surprising discovery. She stumbled upon the genre of country rock, which struck a chord with her. It was during this period that she started writing her own songs, and to her surprise, people began to remark that her voice was more suited to country than rock. This realization marked the turning point in her musical journey, leading her to embrace country music.

“My dad was extremely proud and ended up becoming my manager for ten years (laughs). He loved being in the industry, so, it was great fun”, says Jayne.

Many years ago, Jayne also performed for VIP crowds at Keith Urban’s Sydney shows and got to see his show every night.  While Jayne didn’t get the time to hang out with him much, she noted his genuine nature and his positive impact on both American and Australian country music.

Her latest single “Are You Ready For This” features Newcastle band ‘Hurricane Fall’.

Jayne says, “The song was pitched to me from the States and as soon as my husband and I heard it he knew that I had to cut the song, it is amazing.

“When I heard that the song was co-written by Miranda Lambert, I knew that was one of the reasons I liked it so much”.

The song resonated with Jayne’s country style, so, she contacted the band, and they jumped at the chance, and everything clicked into place. Being good friends with the boys from Hurricane Fall, Jayne saw it as a fun opportunity to collaborate on a project together. Their shared love for the song led to a successful and fun recording session.

Hurricane Fall

Jayne has always identified as an album artist. She prefers working on a complete project with a specific vision and sound in mind. This approach makes it easier for publishers to understand her direction. For Jayne, it’s not just about following trends but staying true to her artistic vision, a great song is a great song, regardless of its source.

Another single of hers, “Stunt Doubles,” was pitched for the project and offered her a chance to explore her crazy side. The accompanying music video encouraged fans to send in footage of themselves performing crazy stunts, aligning perfectly with the chosen theme. Jayne relished the opportunity to break away from the norm and create something unique which included wearing an Evel Knievel costume. This will be the third single to be released from her upcoming album ‘Moonshine’.

“Growing up, I was such a big fan of women in rock and a lot of these were genuinely bad girls. I think that was what really inspired me to create a character and so that was what I did for the “Wanted” album.

“We did the whole spaghetti western movie meets a country rock artist theme”. 

Her artistic instincts paid off, earning her a Golden Guitar nomination for Contemporary Album of the Year and says that it just goes to show, follow your heart and not always the trends as you never know what might happen.

Jayne can now bring this character to life on stage too.

As for her pre-show routine, Jayne has evolved from feeling nervous to simply feeling excited before taking the stage in her costume. Her transformation into her on-stage persona, helps her get into the right mindset. This character-driven approach has added an exciting dimension to her live performances. Enhancing the overall experience for her fans.

One of the songs that Jayne wrote has become a favourite. “Raggedy Ann.” is inspired by the nostalgia of a childhood toy. Jayne decided to write a song about a spaghetti western that centred around a tough, strong woman named Raggedy Ann.

Jayne says, “Musically, these kinds of westerns are very orchestral. So, we were able to play with the music behind it. That was a fun and creative concept to come up with.

“I get a lot of requests to sing that song and I think the story is very strong.”

Lastly, Jayne reflects on the last time she was up this way. It was earlier this year that she performed at Lighthouse Country in Bundaberg to a large crowd which she describes as a lot of fun. Jayne looks forward to performing in Hervey Bay and says that it will be an exciting and memorable night for all who attend.

The Beach House – Country

Saturday, November 18

4 pm 10 pm

Beach House Hotel Hervey Bay

To purchase tickets, go to

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