Björn Again – The Waterloo Anniversary Tour

Björn Again – The Waterloo Anniversary Tour

By Kim Parnell-

In 1988, Melbourne musicians John Tyrell and Rod Woolley had a vision to create a new entertainment concept and came up with an idea for an ABBA parody cover band.  Björn Again’s debut was at a little indie-band pub in Melbourne on May 6, 1989. The show was an instant success and within two years they were touring the world.

In 1992, Abba released their iconic album “Abba Gold” and Björn Again was credited with kickstarting the ABBA revival.

The band is openly supported by ABBA and John and Rod were thrilled to meet Benny and Bjorn in Stockholm, Sweden in 1992!

To date, Björn Again has performed over 7000 shows in over 120 countries and performed at some of the world’s most prestigious venues.

I caught up with Björn Again’s Frida Longstokin to find out more about the band and their upcoming show at the Brolga.


What does it feel like to be Frida?

It is incredible, the audience’s adoration is such a lovely bonus on what is a great gig already. The fans and even those who are not, love the music and the costumes. Being a parody, the show is funny, and it is high in energy. It really is one of the best gigs one could ever hope for.

How has the show evolved over the years?

The band has grown so much since its first show in 1989 and has performed in one hundred and twenty countries and done thousands and thousands of shows. This year is the Waterloo Anniversary Tour celebrating fifty years since the Eurovision Song Contest victory in 1974 which changed history forever. Imagine not having Dancing Queen!

We have also supported and met some really big names.

What are some of the notable venues Björn Again has performed at worldwide, and is there one particular location that holds a special significance for the band?

We’ve performed at the opening of the IPL Cricket Tournament in Mumbai in 2010, Russell Crowe’s wedding in 2003, and iconic venues like the Sydney Opera House. Notable events also include The Big Red Bash and the Trundle Abba Festival in NSW, where the town’s population swells from six hundred to thousands of Abba fans, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

What’s been your most unforgettable ‘pinch-me’ moment?”

There have been a couple, but recently we played at Moomba Festival in Melbourne at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. It was a special performance as we recreated ABBA’s 1977 performance at the Music Bowl for the festival’s 70th anniversary. We had seven thousand people at the concert and being on stage was surreal, the vibe was electric. Everyone was there for us, it was just a party from start to finish.

What would we find on your Rider list?

I request sparkling water, a room with concrete floors for roller skating, and green M&M’s to match my eyeshadow. On one occasion, we even requested a real caged tiger to accompany our performance of the song “Tiger,” but it couldn’t be arranged.

What’s your favourite ABBA song and what makes it stand out to you?

I’m particularly drawn to “Knowing Me Knowing You” because it captures the essence of breaking up, resonating with my desire for a new beginning. Another favourite of mine is “Money, Money, Money,” perhaps because I relate to the sentiment a bit too well—I’ve taken most of Benny’s, after all.

How important is it to keep Abba’s legacy alive?

It’s incredibly important, as the music transcends through the generations. Hits like “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” and “Man After Midnight,” Benny’s favourite, are now massive club anthems. Their impact on the music scene resonates through time. The music has supplied soundtracks to so many people’s lives since the 1970s.

Tell us a little about the costumes.

We have a special costume designer who crafts our outfits with sequins, glitter paint, white ribbons, and platform shoes, creating stunning pieces. They’re incredibly well-made and make me feel like a superstar.

What can people expect if they come to see the show?

With plenty of sequins, pyrotechnics, platform shoes, dancing, singing, and humour, our performances are a blast for both us and the audience. We are also quite funny; our audience won’t regret joining the fun.

If you and the band get a chance to explore the Fraser Coast, where might we run into you?

I’ve done my homework! If we have some free time, you might catch us at Poona National Park. I’ve heard it’s wonderfully flat, perfect for strolling in our platform shoes.

 Björn Again

The Waterloo Anniversary Tour

Celebrating 50 years of Abba’s Triumph

May 30

Brolga Theatre and Convention Centre


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