‘Tea & Toasters’ gear up for a big year.

‘Tea & Toasters’ gear up for a big year.

‘Tea & Toasters’ gear up for a big year. 

In 2006 Charmaine Bailey was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, and survived. Charmaine believes more sufferers can also be survivors with the right resources, tools and of course much needed research.

Looking back, at the time she didn’t really have any symptoms. But admitted to just wanting a medical certificate and some time of work. Having suffered from Endometriosis when she was younger, and pretty much throughout her life. Charmaine thought nothing of a some lower abdominal pain as to her this was nothing unusual. The doctors thought it was something more though so straight away she was referred to a Gynaecologist.

It was just luck that’s all it came down to. I believe that the whole thing was luck or divine intervention”, said Charmaine. It got to the point where one ovary was removed, I was very lucky that it turned out to be only stage one. A course of Radiology followed, and Charmaine has now been clear for almost ten years.

My diagnosis certainly gave Relay for Life a new meaning, and it been a big influence in my life”. Charmaine said.

Charmaine’s daughter, Monique was born less than two years after the all clear was given, and miraculously from only one ovary. Charmaine said, “This year is also my tenth Relay for Life. I did have some years off but it is serendipitous that my ten year anniversary has come up at the same time”.

Hervey Bay Relay for Life team is called, ‘Tea & Toasters’. Charmaine tells us that the original team she was part of called themselves, ‘Tea and Cold Soggy Vegemite Toast’. The name came from the hospital food that is brought to you. Even though the nurses would take it away and give you fresh food out of the kitchen. The canteen would still bring you the tea and cold soggy Vegemite toast.

The team used to laugh and say their motto was that they were going to rid the world of tea and cold soggy Vegemite toast.

If someone is diagnosed and needs help remember that Cancer affects family, friends and reaches further than you think. Please ring the Cancer Hotline on: 13 11 20 – Charmaine Bailey.

Coming up in February:

  • February 25 – Family Fun Day – Including a Poetry Competition consisting of a light verse, it doesn’t need to be too in-depth and you can add a bit of humour, with a maximum of 12 lines it can be about any theme that fits in with the 2017 Hervey Bay Relay for Life Family Fun Day.

    Cost: $2 entry fee. All entries must be in by February 18. This competition is aimed at school age children. You can also drop in your entries at Mary Ryan’s Bookstore In Hervey Bay.

    Book prizes and small lolly gifts will be awarded to the best entries, as well as the overall winner being invited to read their poem at the opening of the event. Please Contact Charmaine Bailey 0431 299 286 for more details.

  • As part of the Family Fun Day there will also be Dry Boat Races, 1.30pm – 3pm, Teams of 4 will race their DIY boats over a 15km course in 4 categories, (Primary School, High School, Open Community and Corporate).

    Entrants must have their boat registered, (Pre Registration) is preferred, as there are size dimensions but you can turn up with a boat on the day as long as it passes the safety inspection for sharp edges etc, before 1pm on the day. The Parade is from 1.45pm, with the race starting at 2pm. Event will be held at Seafront Oval.

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