Thrills, Spills and Mower Racing Mayhem!.

Thrills, Spills and Mower Racing Mayhem!.

The next time that you are aimlessly walking up and down trying to mow that huge expanse of lawn that you seem to have to mow every other week, wondering where the fun is in life, looking for that spark, the answer could be right before you. Yes that little machine that you dread pulling out of the shed every fortnight, with just a little imagination and a few modifications, could be turned into a monster racing machine capable of handling any track.

People all over the world participate in Lawn Mower Racing, it is actually classed as a motor-sport.

The mowers have their blades removed which make them relatively safe. This sport attracts all ages, and is extremely family oriented with sometimes entire families getting together, racing and having fun.

According to Wikipedia, It is thought that Australia’s first ever mower race was in 1978 in Harrietville, Victoria and involved alcohol a country pub, fifty people, three hundred sheep and one hundred and fifty dogs. However the first ever Australian national race that involved all of the clubs around the area wasn’t until 2009. In Dubbo, NSW.

For those that have trouble getting off the couch you can even download a PC game called, ‘Lawnmower Racing Mania 2007’, so it looks as though the sport has all of its bases covered.

But if you want to get to the track and see all of the action live, you can head on down to join the rest of the Fraser Coast for an affordable day of family fun, as you enjoy an awesome day full of thrills, spills and Mower racing mayhem as you watch the modified mowers thunder around the track. So bring your own chair and a bit of shade if needed. A full Canteen and amenities will be available on the day.

Fraser Coast Lawn Mower Racing

Sunday, November 12

Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm

Entry: $5 Kids, Under 12 Free

Fraser Coast Lawn Mower Racing Club

Right next to the Maryborough Speedway

300 Gympie Road, Maryborough

Written by Kim Parnell

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