By the C  – Artist Spotlight,  James Reyne

By the C – Artist Spotlight, James Reyne

James Reyne is without a doubt one of this countries best known aussie rockstar’s. With Iconic songs from the Australian Crawl Days like, The Boys Light Up, Beautiful People and Reckless under his belt, He has also had a very successful solo career spanning decades and had many hits. I caught up with James via phone to have a conversation about his upcoming performance at Seafront Oval as one of the headline acts for, ‘By the C’. – Kim Parnell – Editor.

James, on doing my research for this interview I came across the trailer for Return to Eden set in the 80’s. This was, and still remains one of my favourite series ever. What was it like to play Greg Marsden all that time ago?

Wow, that was such a long time ago. It was certainly a lot of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A lot of people today tell me how much they loved the series. I was very lucky to make some firm fast friends during my time on the show.

On Acting and performing as a Musician?

I love acting but realised early on that you need to commit to one thing at a time. Being an Actor in Australia is a tough act, you have to work very hard. I have felt privileged at times to be able to dabble in both.

You spent seven years with Australian Crawl, what was that time like?

Again it was such a long time ago. It was like another person did it. We were young and we enjoyed ourselves. I have done so much since those days.

James, I have also read that you have had twelve top forty solo hits, what a great achievement. What do you regard as the secret of longevity?

You just have to keep on doing it. Stay the course and practise your craft. You will have many ups and downs, but you need to ride them and just carry on doing it. Right now I believe that we are doing better than we ever have, we are in a good place.

In 1988 you toured with Tina Turner, what was that experience like, especially a few years later playing Tina Turner’s manager in the movie What’s Love Got To Do With It

Tina is a lovely person. Actually Tina Turner’s manager, Roger Davies managed me as well during the late eighties. I have made over a dozen solo albums.

In 2014 you were recognised with a Medal of the Order of Australia “for service to the performing arts as a singer/songwriter, and through your support of various charities”. What was it like to be recognised?

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t chuffed. I certainly didn’t expect it. I had to keep it secret for two or three months before I could tell anybody. I was very pleased and thank them very much.

What is it like to work with Acts like, The Black Sorrows, John Farnham and Ross Wilson?

It is great. I have known them all for a very long time. They are all extremely professional and honestly their records speak for themselves, it truly is a great line-up.

Have you been to the Fraser Coast before?

I have been to the Fraser Coast before but just don’t ask me when. It was a long time ago I think. The Fraser Coast is always beautiful.

Do you have a special message for the people of the Fraser Coast before the upcoming concert?

We look forward to seeing you all. You will probably know all of the songs, it will be a great environment, and a fantastic family day out with a comprehensive line-up of well known artists.

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