Flashes of K’gari and the Bay.

Flashes of K’gari and the Bay.

This exhibition showcases the beautiful, vivid and unique flora and fauna of K’gari [Fraser Island] and Hervey Bay. The fantastic landscape is disappearing due to new developments. As an artist I would like to preserve these unique images on canvas for the generation to come in the Wide Bay Region. We are so privileged to live in close proximity to wildlife and almost untouched places like K’gari.

The exhibition takes you on a walk along the foreshores of Hervey Bay and the rainforest, the bush tracks and rugged shoreline of K’gari. these paintings also reflect the striking sunrises and sunsets, light and shades which bring dynamic into the landscape. The concept of my artworks are always innovative, and challenging I like to capture nature in a flash. That makes a painting fresh and real.

In 1999 I retired and we moved from Sydney to Hervey Bay. The beautiful beaches and the tranquil surroundings of Hervey Bay and Fraser Island inspired me to fulfil my childhood dream to became an artist. I joined the Hervey Bay Art Society to be with like minded people and learn to paint. Over the years I became an active member of the Society and at present I am the President of the Society.

I furthered my knowledge in theory and techniques at the local TAFE College and finished with a diploma of Visual Art with distinction. I have participated in art competitions throughout Queensland and won many awards, I also have had quite a number of solo exhibitions at Gatakers Artspace, Gayndah Art Gallery, Mundubbera Art Gallery and at our local Hervey Bay Regional Gallery.

One of the highlights in my painting career was a grant in 2005 from the Regional Art Development Fund to sponsor Cec Woodland and myself to develop an outdoor experience [free to air painting] on Fraser Island. Cec and myself spent days on the island tramping over sand hills and bush tracks, lugging our painting gear in backpacks, painting, sketching and photographing the islands natural charm, using the ever changing light through the forest to achieve some great and lovely results. Rather than painting the usual tourist science, we concentrated on flora and the natural beauty and wilderness of the island.

We subsequently spent nearly two months completing our artworks. At the end of the project the artworks where displayed in the foyer of the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery. The exhibition was a big success, we sold nearly all the paintings and it helped to develop a local awareness of art in Hervey Bay.

The experience and the memories of those days are still the main focus of my work. I invite the public to pause through the exhibition and take a look at the wonderful areas that surround Hervey Bay and Fraser Island, which are captured on canvas. You might stop and admire some of the paintings. Next time when you go for a walk take a look at the wonders that could easily be overlooked. I hope you enjoy the exhibition and my artworks.

Flashes of K’gari and the Bay

March 16 to April 29

Hervey Bay Regional Gallery

Fraser Coast Cultural Centre

As told by the Artist, Rolf Sieber

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