Prepare to be moved by the Watoto Children’s Choir

Prepare to be moved by the Watoto Children’s Choir

Watoto, Children’s Choir is a sight to behold, you can’t help but be moved by the orphan’s soulful songs and stories of hope out of hardship. With their colorful costumes, huge smiles, and spectacular dance moves these children are truly amazing. With a style that is the gospel, littered with African tones and beats, this is one performance that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Watoto means ‘ Children’ in the Swahili language. It is also a holistic care program that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned and vulnerable children and women in Africa. The Choir is made up of a group of African children that are actually based in Kampala, Uganda at the Watoto Church. These children are seasoned travelers, having performed at countries like China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Asia to name but a few.

The children of the Choir have sadly lost one or both of their parents, and travel with a large team of adults that look after them and take care of business while on tour. . All the children and their careers are billeted out to trusted and screened families in the community, 9 homes will be generously opened to cater for the mobile choir.

With several albums to their name already, Watoto Children’s Choir has added one more. With their latest album called ‘Signs and Wonders’.

According to James Skinner, Creative Director at Watoto Choirs, “This production is going to challenge preconceived ideas about miracles. It demonstrates that each of our daily lives is Signs and Wonders of God’s work in us”.

Thirteen-year-old Ivan Masembe is excited to be part of the Watoto Children’s Choir, touring Australia. Before he joined Watoto, his father had abandoned their family, leaving his unemployed mother without support.

Through the Watoto Neighbourhood project, his mother was also equipped with practical skills to help support herself and her family. Ivan was also offered the opportunity to be educated at a Watoto school.

“Since joining Watoto they have taught me how to respect people, work with others, and help my mother. While I’m on the road with the choir, I am going to share the story of the miracles that Jesus has done in my life, and I hope it will help people to know that, in Christ, there is nothing to fear” said Ivan.

This performance is free and open to the public.

In the unlikely event of rain the concert will take place at the same time, but at 27 Neils street Pialba. (Churches of Christ).

Watoto Children’s Choir
June 6
“Open Air Concert” City Park
Cultural Centre, 166 Old Maryborough Road, Pialba

By Kim Parnell

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