Send some positive healing Energy!

Send some positive healing Energy!

To me, a Full Moon Meditation represents an opportunity once per month to reflect on what has been happening in our busy lives. To take a look at what has been working for you in your work, family and personal life and take some quiet time to surrender and let go of what you recognise isn’t working for you right now. A new moon in exactly two weeks after the Full Moon represents a time to reflect on what we want in our lives. New beginnings, new seeds sown, starting something new The energy of the moon will propel this forward to manifest more easily into our lives.

The moon governs water by our ocean’s tides, fishing and growth in plants. So it makes sense that because we are 80% made of water, it can affect our moods, emotions and wellness too. So why not go with it and use it to its full advantage!

A gathering of beautiful people does not represent pagan, religion, dogma or intense rituals. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to connect with nature on our beautiful shores of Hervey Bay, feel the ambiance and together, watch the moon rise. This in itself, brings more love and peace into our hearts and it is such a beautiful experience to be listening to the water and be in awe of our beautiful surroundings. As we know, genuine gratefulness in our hearts brings more beautiful experiences to light in our lives.

As a collective, we can send positive healing energy (or some call this prayer), out to our world and all her people. By pure intent with a group of like-minded people, we can amplify the energy of change and bring healing to where it is needed.

Mediation helps us calm our minds, relax our bodies and breathe through life more easily. That in itself is a golden moment to just show up and be in the moment. No past, no future, just in the now.

Full Moon Meditation is always held on the Brisbane Full Moon timetable at 5.30 pm on the beach by Tooan Tooan Creek in Pialba.

Contact Jackie Campbell from Ocean Therapies for more information. Mob: 0451168720

Photo credit: Kim Parnell

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