Embracing Change through Raja Yoga Meditation

Embracing Change through Raja Yoga Meditation

As the world becomes increasingly unsettled, confused, and overwhelmed – how do you cope with change – let alone embrace change?

One word!… Meditate. You know, it’s not as ‘hard’ (or esoteric) as you might think. Raja Yoga Meditation is practical, it keeps you grounded because it creates inner stability, clarity, and calmness. Regular practice helps you recognise and release disempowering thought patterns to help you ‘pull up’ quicker, and handle yourself better, in stressful situations. This saves you from falling victim to your own story or someone else’s story.

Did you know that change is inevitable, but suffering is optional?

You can’t control change. You can’t control the weather or stop time from ticking away. You can’t control how others think, what they do or what they say but you can control how you respond. You see, when you’re wrapped in your comfort zone, reaction (disempower) is quicker than response (empower) and change becomes a threat as human survival instinct kicks in – AKA the ‘fight or flight response’. When your subconscious perceives a threat (real or imaginary) it activates your stress hormones to get out of harm’s way. With chronic stress now part of daily living the body is in permanent reactive defence mode, causing many illnesses – cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety – to name a few. Daily meditation releases your emotional valve. It stabilises you and strengthens your mind, bringing clarity to your thoughts. So, give yourself permission to gently work through blocked and locked emotions to heal your body, mind and soul. Raja Yoga Meditation puts the reins back in your hands – it gives you practical tools – to reclaim your power

3 Tips to start embracing change…

  1. Breathe… Regularly apply the brakes. Look up. Breathe. Re-centre… Inner stability and clarity helps you let go of what you can’t control.
  2. ‘Check and Change’… Consciously checking and changing negative into positive, anger into calm, fear into courage increases your coping capacity.
  3. Watch your attitude… Observing your inner and outer world is a powerful exercise in self-control… And an attitude of gratitude saves you from falling into negativity and self-victimisation.

Annemarie De Seriere is a holistic health/life coach, hypnotherapist and author, based in Torbanlea, helping individuals find meaning and healing in their lives at www.happyheartholistichealing.com.au.

If you would like Annemarie to give a talk about meditation, health and wellbeing at your local community/spiritual group, workplace or school, you can find her here https://www.facebook.com/happyheartholistichealing

** Raja Yoga Meditation is taught by a global non-profit spiritual organisation called Brahma Kumaris. A range of spiritual community programs are offered worldwide, free of charge https://brahmakumaris.org.au/

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