No Pressure!

No Pressure!

By Kim Parnell –


I don’t believe in announcing New Year’s resolutions to the world anymore, as once the words leave the mouth, I very rarely see it through. This, in turn, makes me feel like a failure. By telling everybody, I end up putting more pressure on myself.

Over the years I have gone on a few rapid weight loss programs where I have exercised fanatically, gone to boot camp, have counted calories, counted carbs, drunk shakes – and it has worked – for a while. Then I inevitably go through a lazy phase where I don’t exercise, struggle to get out of bed, then tell myself that I will exercise tomorrow, which doesn’t happen. I gain weight, decide to do something about it, and the cycle starts again.  

To be clear, I am not a personal trainer, or in the fitness industry at all, but in my experience as someone who has been known to exercise from time to time, you have to be ready for it, both physically and mentally. Have your family and friends on board to offer support and think about the kind of exercise you enjoy and what you want to get out of it.

Then formulate a plan. Decide how many days you are going to exercise and for how long. It also helps if you go at the same time every day, this gives you routine. You may start at ten minutes then as your strength in body and mind increases, so will the  workout.

Some people prefer to exercise with a family member or a friend as it is more fun, and you can both motivate and encourage each other.

Lastly, be realistic about your goals and your expectations, remember, it won’t happen overnight or next week but keep at it and you will start to see the changes. You get out of it what you put into it.

Don’t beat yourself up for eating those hot chips or drinking that wine. Don’t be hard on yourself if you only get to exercise twice during the week instead of four times; you are human after all and allowed time off for good behaviour.

Live life and enjoy!


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