LIVE Theatre – Two Weeks with the Queen

LIVE Theatre – Two Weeks with the Queen

By Jonathan Sharp –

Z-Pac Theatre presents the heartwarming story ‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ Friday 26th February to Sunday 14th March.

Alex Mudford is on a quest. Her brother Luke has cancer. The doctors in Australia are being really slack about it, and don’t seem to be able to cure him. Sent to London to stay with her relatives; the very English Aunty Iris, her opinionated Uncle Bob and her awkward cousin Alistair.  Alex is desperate to do something to help Luke. She wants to find the best doctor in the world. And where better to start than by going to the top? Alex is determined to ‘do it herself’ and ask the Queen for her help! But the journey isn’t an easy one and Alex’s antics land her (and her cousin) in a bit of hot water. Along the way she befriends Ted Caldico and through this unlikely friendship comes to realise that her true place is at home with her family.

This moving story illuminates serious issues about illness and loss counterposed with bright moments of humour. Charming, heartwarming, and quirky characters make for a larger-than-life production. Alex’s naive optimism and a fearless sense of adventure are infectious. An ensemble cast work together to bring multiple roles to life. ‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ is a great show to see with all the family.

Based on the Australian novel by Morris Gleitzman and adapted for the stage by Marry Morris. ‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ has become an iconic piece of Theatre for Young People. Studied and performed in schools alike. The show offers a great opportunity for some of our local young actors to showcase their skills (and show some of us adults how it’s done).

‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ will be performed at Hervey Bay’s Z-Pac Theatre from 26th February to 14th March. Friday/Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees. Booking will be available at Due to COVID regulations, contact details will need to be provided for each member of the group at the time of booking.

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