On the Music Scene with Holy Toledo

On the Music Scene with Holy Toledo

Holey Toledo have burst onto the Fraser Coast music scene with a bang. I asked band member John, who does Bass and vocals, to tell us a little about the band and the music that they play. Kim Parnell, Editor.  

Tell us a little about the band and its members?

Phil is our keyboard player, and he brings many, many years of professionalism to the band. Phil sings as well as having a million keyboards available! Ryan is our drummer; Ryan uses a mixture of high-end electronic drums and sample pads that bring our shows to “next level”. Ryan also provides strong vocals, he’s also a multi-instrumentalist with a ton of energy. Brent would have to be the busiest guitarist around, and also offers the experience that comes with many years of professional performances as well. He also sings and has some awesome guitars too! I play bass, sing, and manage full production. It’s a great setup, it’s hard work, but I absolutely love it.

 Where did the name come from?

We wanted a name with a bang, and not sure why, but the Pop Art Batman style Kapow drew us in. I guess it’s indicative of what we are trying to deliver, you know, Holy Toledo! Check these guys out!

 As a cover band, what kind of music do you play?

 Here is where we really want to raise the bar. Classy, not tired, and dusty if that makes sense? With strong vocals all round and the varied instruments we have on board, we want to deliver a great live show performing hits that are generally out of the realm of a typical cover band in this region. We are all about keeping the show live demonstrating that we know how to play. I think it’s important to keep that real these days as there’s a certain spontaneity and magic that live performances offer. You can expect mostly up-tempo dance style energetic music with a bang! Our repertoire is quite diverse and always changing. Don’t expect the same show every time you see us.

 Do you write any of your own music?

At the moment, Individually yes. That seems to be an ongoing project, I guess in time it will all gravitate towards more of that. We do enjoy the ability to improvise within our performances to say the least. I think there’s a certain degree of familiarity you want to bring to a show if you’re a specific type of band. There are tons of platforms around to showcase original material and generate a following. It probably makes more sense to (and more in line with) organising a tour to promote the original material once it generates a demand. I guess there are a gazillion ways to look at it in reality.

What is it that you enjoy most about performing?

Performing! That’s the magic. Just standing on a stage with some great like-minded musicians making some awesome sounds and seeing a happy crowd feed off the energy. It’s just the best feeling. Really.

What can people expect if they come to see you play?

 We are a live, four-piece band with strong vocals, and a lot of years of experience behind us. We have an excellent production that can be adjusted to suit most events. Expect to be entertained and feel good. Expect a difference.

Do you have a special message for the people of the Fraser Coast?

 Stay positive at the moment with all that’s going on, love, respect and support everyone no matter what. Support struggling venues and musicians by supporting live music. Book a band and have fun! 

How do people contact you to find out more?

You can check us out on Facebook @htcoverband, you can get in touch via Messenger or Whatsapp on the FB page, or you can email us at htcoverband@gmail.com.


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