Darryl & The Devil

Darryl & The Devil

I got the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation a few weeks ago with the very talented blues musician Darryl Carr. Darryl plays classic delta blues and also a little folk music. Delta blues is one of the earliest forms of blues music and actually originated in the Mississippi. The Guitar and the Harmonica feature very heavily in this style of music.

With his long hair, and sporting a ring through his nose, he smiles shyly as he shakes hands firmly.

As he begins to talk he looks into your eyes and is incredibly well-spoken. The name Darryl&The Devil is based on the Crossroads Myth. It is believed that the Crossroads represent a location ‘between the worlds’ and the symbology is found over many different traditions and religions that it has become a crossroads in itself.

Darryl was born in Liverpool, Sydney and is 32 years of age. He moved around a lot throughout his childhood as his dad was in the Army.

At seventeen years of age, Darryl was living in a share house with other musicians when he first picked up a guitar. In fact, this was his first time playing any instrument. In this household music was the focus, it also was a way to ignore and transform the other less pleasant things at the time. Darryl said, “I got into blues as I liked the traditional framework that you can follow, and creatively it helps you express yourself easily”. Poetry is another love but Darryl believes,

“That poems are much more interesting accompanied by music”.

Writing influences like musicians Bob Dylan, Coner Oberst, Zack Dela Rocha, and Lightnin’ Hopkins are who Darryl has drawn from. The musician has many other influences, inspiration’s and ideas from writers, Oliver Sacks, Israel Regardie, Richard Dawkins, and Graham Hancock a British writer and Journalist who is very interesting and hypotheses esoteric themes and has written several books about the subject.

Darryl said, “ My very first guitar was an Art Lutherie Acoustic Guitar. I remember I had to starve myself for two whole weeks to buy it. I think at the time it cost about $800 and I was only about $11 an hour. I felt great when I bought it. Throughout my life, I have also never been able to read music. I have learned to play the guitar and other instruments by learning from others. Over the years I have taught myself to play by ear”.

The first album out for Darryl&TheDevil is called, ‘Homeless Bound’. This album has 9 original, great tracks on it and took about six months to put together. Rob Mackay played Bass and was the Producer. Levi Dunn looked after the Audio and was the Sound Engineer, he also played the drums. The Album was cut in Hervey Bay, and Darryl does all his own artwork.

If you would like a copy of the Album email: darrylcarrmusic@gmail.com.

You can catch Darryl & The Devil each Tuesday from 7pm at Hoolihans Irish Bar & Restaurant, Hervey Bay and monthly at the Maryborough RSL.

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