Maryborough Pub Fest

Maryborough Pub Fest

Help break a world record with the Maryborough Pub Fest

The 13th Annual Maryborough Pub Fest is gearing up to be a huge event on the Fraser Coast on Sunday, April 30. So come on and get dressed up for this great fund-raiser.

This year the theme is Aussie Outback and the colour is green. All money raised goes to Rural Aid. Did you know that some entrants enter every year and plan their costumes months in advance?

It is a celebration of mateship and reunions and highlights Maryborough’s outstanding heritage architecture and welcoming hospitality. The Pub Fest has a timeless appeal and crosses cultural and demographic boundaries. Young and old, friends and strangers, chat, laugh, dance and party away the afternoon as they work their way around the city’s pubs.  Some of the most enthusiastic revellers are groups of grandmothers and grandfathers who – like so many others – use the Fest as an annual reunion.

Register and take part to help Maryborough seize back its world record. Did you know that in 2013 Maryborough set a new record for the most people at a pub crawl with 4,781 participants?  But unfortunately lost the title to Kansas City that year.

You can also buy some cool 2017 Merchandise at The Maryborough Visitor Info Centre, Hey Bay Visitor Info Centre, and the Brolga theatre. Or online, go to and follow the links. You can purchase lanyards, hats, stubby coolers, Polo Shirts and of course, you’re Crawl Card.

How to Crawl?

Step 1: Buy an official Pub Fest Passport. Once you have a fully stamped card, complete the information section and pop into the barrel for your chance to win $1000 Cash, and help win back the record.

*Please note: If you do not purchase a passport you will not be able to catch the bus, or receive any prize money.

Step 2: Get a team together and create your costumes.

There will be costume competitions throughout the day, with prize money to be won. Prizes will be awarded to the best-dressed individual, the best team with under 5 members, and best team with over 5 members.

Step 3: Find a starting point

Make your way to any of the participating pubs just before the official starting time of Midday.

Maryborough’s time cannon will fire on the dot of Midday in Wharf Street and the bells of St Paul’s Anglican Church ring to officially kick off the day.

Step 4: Join the fun with your mates

Get your card stamped on the back of the Pub Fest Passport. When you purchase an item from over the bar, the bar attendant will stamp your card.

Enjoy the day with your mates and support our cause – Rural Aid

We recommend and encourage non-alcoholic drinks. If you do choose to drink alcohol, please drink and act responsibly and do not drive.

Please note:  You must be 18 years of age or over to participate in the Pub Crawl. Please do not bring along minors to the event as they will not be allowed inside any of the pubs.

At its peak, there were almost 40 pubs in the immediate Maryborough area – many of which remain today and are part of the history-making annual pub Fest event. The event not only helps to celebrate the important social role of the city’s pubs since its inception but highlights Maryborough’s outstanding heritage architecture which is on show in its historic pubs and buildings.

Maryborough is one of Queensland’s oldest cities and has a rich and fascinating history, but what really sets Maryborough apart is that much of that heritage remains – just waiting to be uncovered.

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