Growing together as a family

Growing together as a family

-A Valentine’s Day story with Lucy and Troy Geltch-

Where did you both meet, and how long ago? tell us about that first meeting and how you felt?

We met on MSN messenger through my ex-boyfriend around 2006. We were 15/16, I think. He was great with words, so I was instantly enamoured! Ha-ha.

I don’t think we stopped talking to each other after that chance meeting online, a very gen-y way to meet.

When and where was your first date? Were you nervous?

As soon as Troy got his P-Plates in 2008, he drove all the way from Hervey Bay to the Blue Mountains to meet me in person for the first time. We were both very nervous! Our first official date was to the movies to see Batman. I couldn’t tell you how the movie was…lol.

 What is it about Troy that you adore? 

He will do anything for anyone and not expect anything in return. He’s very selfless.

 Troy, what is about Lucy that you adore?

Currently, I can’t look past what an incredible mother and role model Lucy is for Haz and Millie, but even from our early days BC (before children), she has always been a “yes” person. Lucy doesn’t shy away from new opportunities, being adventurous and making lifelong memories at every chance she gets.

Has he got any bad habits?

Cleaning of any kind is not his forte. He simply cannot see mess or a vacuum cleaner!

What has been your biggest hurdle as a couple to date, and how did you overcome it together?

His training for his big events like Ironman and Ultraman were tough. We barely saw each other awake most days. I started tagging along to some training sessions so I could at least see him.

Also, the start of the pandemic was brutal. We lost the tourism market in a matter of weeks whilst I was still on maternity leave, so that was a huge test for us financially, which is a huge test for any relationship.


When did you get married? Do you have a special memory from the event?

We got married in December 2016 after eight years together (4 of those years engaged!)

I broke my toe the day before, and I think I whinged our whole honeymoon about it… It was Troy’s fault… but I also remember being so nervous to see Troy. We really hadn’t spent many nights apart before, and we did the traditional thing the night before. Even after all those years, I was still nervous to see him all dressed up!

 Tell us about your kids and animals?

We have a son, Harry, who is 2.5 years and a new daughter, Amelia, who is six months.

We also have two fur babies, Crank and Opal, who are both fat, stumpy tail cattle dogs.

Has having kids altered your relationship in any way? 

I’ve got to see Troy in a totally different way now. He’s a very hands-on dad, and I love watching him play around with the kids. Having kids has really been our greatest adventure yet.

 How do you juggle kids, family, and work?

Every day is just that. A juggle! Lol. You just have to make time for everything.

What happens on Valentine’s Day in your household?

Troy normally gets me a massive bunch of flowers, and we try to sneak a date to Bayaroma for breaky or lunch.  

What do you look forward to the most in the months and years ahead?

Growing together as a family and hopefully being able to travel with the kids more. They love an adventure!

Troy and I have been on some great trips due to his running and triathlon events, and I would love to continue to share that with Harry and Amelia.



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