Feel the Love On ValentinesFebruary 14

Feel the Love On Valentines
February 14

Written by: Kim Parnell 

Valentines Day is the day of love. If it is your first you may feel butterflies in your tummy, and weak at the knees. For others that have been together for a little longer it might be a chance to rekindle a feeling that you thought had long gone. It is a day to pause in your busy life, put down the mobile phone, turn off the television and spend time together.

Valentines Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. But it doesn’t need to cost a fortune unless you want it to. Here are a few ideas to get that spark to turn into a firework.

  • Fill a box full of Helium balloons and add some thoughtful, special valentines gifts.
  • If your partner works away send a care package to them with things that are red.
  • Write a poem for your love and frame it.
  • Go on a romantic sunset boat cruise.
  • Enjoy a nice scenic flight to an island, and have dinner by candlelight.
  • Take your partner to a place that you both enjoyed when you first laid eyes on each other. Think about how you felt.
  • Write down 10 things you love about each other and read them out.
  • Give your partner a dozen roses then attach a note to each stem. The notes could either be love notes, or notes asking for other dates.

For the Family

  • Order food from a take away and have a picnic on a rug in the lounge room, and share the night with those that mean the most to you.
  • Think of someone who may be lonely on Valentines Day, then think of way’s that you can include them in your day.

  • Organise a Scavenger Hunt. Make and hide all of the clues, tape a small chocolate to each clue.

    A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years”. – Rupert Brooke

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