The Engineers Arms Marketplace

The Engineers Arms Marketplace

I was lucky enough to be able to sit down and have a chat with Jenny Elliot about her new venture, the Engineers Arms Marketplace. Jenny is Maryborough born and bred and is very knowledgeable and passionate about the area. She is a tireless worker within her community and has been heavily involved in the Tech Challenge, The Duncan Chapman Memorial and the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce to name a few.

I was excited to delve into the history of The Engineers Arms in Maryborough and it didn’t disappoint . The former hotel has a rich, at times tragic past. It was last used as a hotel in 1951, it has since been a Boarding/ Guest House, community centre and restaurant. The building itself has a very distinctive shape as it was originally built on a five way intersection, that has since turned into a four way. – Kim Parnell, Editor

Now fast-forward to 2017:

The Engineers Arms has been transformed into a bustling marketplace, providing an affordable exhibition and retail space for local crafters and artisans. Sharing the space are Jackalina Designs, and Candescents.

The Engineers Arms Marketplace, a small business initiative, is a concept that has evolved through feedback from the local community to address the gap in the range of local souvenirs and giftware available for purchase in Maryborough.

The Engineers Arms Marketplace will initially operate 5 days per week from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 3pm. Opening 14 December, 2016

The Engineers Arms Marketplace team invites applications from local micro-businesses, artists, artisans, creators, craftsmen, cooks, designers, producers and collectors to showcase their wares and offer a diverse selection of individual popup stalls with distinctive and inspired products that are of a high quality, sourced, designed and produced locally.

Opportunities exist to encourage local community artisans and crafters to supply suitable merchandise on a consignment basis.

Local crafters and artisans can display their unique wares at individual stalls which include original handmade craft, condiments, gourmet pantry items, soaps, candles, sculpture, collectables, vintage, retro, homewares, accessories, jewellery, woodwork, artwork, photography, paintings, farm fresh produce, books and souvenirs.

There is also be a book corner featuring books by local authors and publications documenting Maryborough’s rich history.

In 2017, we aim to have a Themed Sunday Market once a month coinciding with the very popular Sunday in the Park. We envisage that these Sundays at the Engineers Arms Marketplace will become a local farmers market with a range of produce and flavours from the region.

The goals and benefits of the Engineers Arms Marketplace in terms of outcomes will be:

  • Engaging the local community in discussion and/or comment about the transformation of the iconic Engineers Arms building into a bustling marketplace using social media platforms and other initiatives will increase visitor numbers and boost local revenue.

  • Proactive and positive way of utilising the local community as ambassadors to promote the Fraser Coast region will increase visitor numbers.

  • A diverse range of stock focusing on the local area creates opportunity to initiate conversation with customers increasing destination awareness generating increased local revenue and visitor numbers.

The Engineers Arms Marketplace

115 March Street, Maryborough

Open: 10am to 3pm, Wednesday – Sunday

Phone: 0447 846 317

Source: The Engineer Arms Marketplace – 15/01/17

Photos: Kim Parnell: What’s On Fraser Coast

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